Serenity Lawns - In the Beginning...

Aiming to be the most trusted Lawn Care Business in the Hutt Valley

Business change-over

Cyndy and Zeke (Mother & Son) took over a successful Lawn Mowing Business called 'Thorns Lawns' in 2017. Mike and Ann Thorn worked hard to build their lawn mowing run and then scaled it back as they grew closer to retirement. Cyndy and Zeke renamed it 'Serenity Lawns' and set out to grow the business.


Zeke is an old boy from HIBS, who after his schooling worked in an office for over 5 years. He decided he needed a change of pace and to spend more time outdoors. He has been married to Sophie for over 5 years and has also lived in the Hutt Valley his whole life.

Zeke brings to the team his youthfulness, his willingness and a great passion to see whatever company he works for succeed. Zeke is very skilled with the "heavy machinery" and is in charge of all Weed-eating, Hedge-trimming, Tree-thinning and chainsaw work as well as maintenance and social media. 


Cyndy is a mother of three adult children and a Grandmother to one. She has been married to Hape for 25 years and has lived in the Hutt Valley all her life.

Cyndy brings an element of health and fitness to Serenity Lawns. She has a rich background in horticulture and floristry. She is always positive and brings a wealth of gardening knowledge which makes her such an asset to have as part of the team. Cyndy is in charge of the Lawn Mowing, Gardening and Office aspects of the company.

Why choose Serenity Lawns?

Because they are people in your community who you can trust.

Trust is something that is becoming increasingly hard to earn in this day in age.

If you are thinking of getting someone in to mow your lawn, or weed your garden... think Serenity Lawns, a lawn care service you can trust.